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Hey everyone we really do apologize for the flaking on episode 2. We are having technical difficulties at the moment and are trying to fix the problem….basically episode 2 was accidentally deleted and we are trying to retrieve it but it doesn’t seem to work in our favor :( We will keep you up to date.

Oh, come on…really?


Hey everyone episode 2 will not be released today I’m really sorry about the inconvenience. We’re going to release it next week Monday same time at 4pm. The reason why is because #life happens and what not.

I’m sorry again much love
Story of them

Animated gif series? why not just make videos instead?

We thought the idea of a gif series was interesting and gave a different take on story telling :)

Love this Jonathan !

Thank you I’m glad you love this :)

I'm liking the series so far i can't wait for the next episodes ;]

Awesome good to know :)

TBA New Episodes?



As we already know Story of Them Episode 0: Love At 2 Sights was just released on Tuesday (February 25th, 2014). We are planning to post the newer episodes of the Story of Them every Monday at 4pm. If you are interesting in viewing just stop by anytime after March 3rd, 2014. Hope you guys love it and please don’t forget to share.

-Much Love from Sot <3

We would love to know your story?


Topic: Love at first sight!

So tell us, whats your story? Have you ever fell for anyone the first time you’ve seen or met them? If so, how was that experience for you? If not tell us whether if you agree or disagree with love at first sight?

Here are the lead characters in the Story of Them

  1. Eli Cage played by Steven Paulino (via tumblr TheSlyLink & via instagram TheSlyLink)
  2. Jake Stryker played by Jonathan Colon (via instagram  @itsbluejon)
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